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Belt Test Information

It is every students's responsibility to know the number of classes attended. The student must have to check the attendance card every class. It is important to understand that have enough classes does not mean that the students are ready for testing.

In order to be ready for Test the student need to obtain: a Blue Tape (when the student have the minimum attendance required) and a Black Tape (when the student have learned their color belt curriculum and show a good conduct and attitude at the school and home).



Next Color Belt Test: June 2017

Belt Test Promotion= Friday 16th
From 3pm to 4pm= Little Lions
From 4pm to 6pm= White to Purple Belt
From 6pm to 8pm= Blue Belt and above
*No TKD classes today*
Belt Ceremony = Saturday 17th
Time: 11:30am
*No Kickboxing nor TKD classes today*
belt test


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