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Private Lessons
Fearless Taekwondo & Martial Arts offer daily private lessons(mornings) for the following Martial Arts:
Personal Training:
We offer the highest quality of professional fitness and martial arts training to our members. We design practical and safe programs to coincide with each client's specific goals. This special attention can help you to learn and progress faster and reach your fitness or martial arts related goals sooner.
Self Defense:
Perfect class to get you out of a bad situation on the street. You will learn all of the techniques that can't be used in competition. Defeat even the largest opponent with simple techniques that are easy to learn and easy to remember.
Classes for all student levels. Learn the basic punches, kicks, footwork and body mechanics while getting a great workout. This is the perfect class to get you started and build your confidence fast.

Is designed as a non-violent art system of entire balanced body practice and a way of life. It includes physical and mental discipline with a deep humble philosophy. However, there is much more than kicking and punching. Taekwondo also concentrates on developing leadership skills while improving confidence, focus, self discipline, self control, flexibility and self defense skills while having fun and getting a great workout.


"Master Seguel's skill, enthusiasm, and commitment to his students..."



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