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Rachana -Placentia

"My son has just turned 5 and he goes for TKD classes here, Master Seguel is very dedicated to all his students and he brings out the best in you. He pays attention to each and every child.  My son just had a class what to do when a stranger approaches you/ how to raise an alarm and rescue your self when in danger and it was so good. Best place to be if you are thinking about TKD/Martial Arts."


TaekwondoFearless Family Testimonials- Placentia



Erik-Placentia Hills

"My young son Jakob and I both became students at Fearless Taekwondo and Martial Arts back in the Fall of 2008.  He was looking to have fun.  I was looking to get in better shape, more effectively manage stress, and spend more time with my son.
Master Seguel's skill, enthusiasm, and commitment to his students was exactly what I was looking for in a teacher for my son and a coach for myself. You simply couldn't ask for higher quality instruction from a teacher more committed to the success of his students. "I want
to do Taekwondo forever" is what Jakob has told his Mom and me on more than one occasion. Fearless Taekwondo and Martial Arts is a treasure that's yet to be fully discovered by the placentia Hills/Yorba Linda communities. If you're looking for a quality school that brings out the best in its students, I strongly recommend Master Seguel at Fearless."


"Master Seguel is a great Instructor with a caring heart. I'm learning respect,self control, self defense and to have love in my heart for everyone".

Fearless Kickboxing Testimonials- Placentia



"I have tried a lot of different fitness activities and never really like any of them or seen physical results, but that is not the case with kickboxing. In couple months I've totally toned up and enjoyed every single class. It's never boring he changes it up all the time... keeps us on our toes, learning all new kinds of ways to fight and defend ourselves. Very challenging, very awesome. I plan on doing this forever!."




"I cannot speak highly enough of this place or of the people running it.

Yes, it's great for kids. Master Seguel is energetic and positive while maintaining high expectations for his students. The kids love him, and they want him to think well of them, and it's pretty cool to be able to tell one of my kids, "Do you want me to tell Master Seguel that you're [insert activity I'd like them to stop]?" And they're learning, TKD stuff, yes, but other stuff too. Call me cheesy, but martial arts are the best sports because they require so much of a person physically and then go on to shape behavior outside of the sport as well. It's a whole-person thing. Master Seguel works hard to push the kids in class while also reminding them to act with integrity and respect (for themselves and for others) outside of class.

Yes, it's good for adults.  Kickboxing is good. It's dynamic and always interesting and challenges the student physically and intellectually. And TKD is cool for adults, too. It's cool to do TKD with other adults in the adult class (everyone is super friendly) and it's even cooler to do TKD with your kids in the family class.  My kids and I connect over our classes, the test that's coming up, how hard the class was that day, what we think we did well or could have done better, etc.

Obviously, the whole thing is good exercise, and if you do it regularly you can't help but get stronger.  You also can't help but learn things from the instruction of competent and patient Master Seguel.

BUT the *coolest thing* about this place, for me, is the people and the environment. It's a great positive place to come to at the end of your day. Master Seguel and his wife (the ever supportive, friendly, and helpful) Grace have done a great job creating a positive and healthy environment, and the students who work out here carry that into their interactions with other students. I also note that Master Seguel is attentive to every student. You won't feel unknown or unnoticed here.

2 years ago (before I came here) I hated working out. Hated it. Now I spend the days I *get to* (GET TO!) to work out at Fearless looking forward to my class time.

This is a good place, and the proprietors are wonderful people".


"Master Seguel's skill, enthusiasm, and commitment to his students..."



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