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Students & Parents Testimonials

"My son has been coming to fearless for about 4 years. The dojang has been highly recommended by a family member. Since day one, we felt welcomed within the fearless family. My son has built his confidence, self respect & discipline. The schedule is very flexible as well. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who has kids (male or female)"



"I have experienced nothing but joy since I enrolled my son in the little lions program. I have seen so much improvement in his behavior and listening.

I 100% recommend Fearless Taekwondo to any parent that wants to instill good manners, good behavior, and strength in their kids!! Grace is so helpful and understanding! Also, Master Seguel gets along so well with his students and teaches so efficiently"



"This Taekwondo dojand is the BEST EVER! Master Seguel is an excellent taekwondo instructor so is his wife, I have the highest regard for them. My kids earned their black belt here and learned many life lessons and skills from Master Seguel. His attention to each student is remarkable. He taught my kids to have respect and be disciplined, lessons that have stuck with them still! Fearless Taekwondo is excellent and their program is the best! Highly recommended!"



Diana-Yorba Linda

“Fearless is not just a martial arts school it is like another family, a place where you will feel welcomed. This is all because the instructors there are professional, knowledgeable, disciplined,patient and caring with all of their students. My oldest son 15 is already a black belt but still likes to attend Master Seguels classes whenever he can. I also have my 7 year old son working
towards getting his black belt and I can honestly say that they both enjoy going to Fearless very much. My husband and I also enjoy going to Master Seguels kickboxing class.This is our place as a family where we can all bond with each other and do something as a family that we all enjoy”


Leonel- Placentia

“I’m a red advance belt; it is going to be almost 4 years taking classes with Master Seguel from Fearless Taekwondo and on my experience has helped me to stay healthy, strong and focused and I find that having strength and focus helps in other areas of my life such as in schoolwork, sports and the ability to keep up with responsibilities at home with family. As a result of Taekwondo, I feel more confident with my friends, with myself and if ever an incident should occur, I will be prepared to speak for myself, and the ability to defend myself adequately”.


"I have been a kickboxing student at Fearless Taekwondo for 4 years now. Master Daniel Seguel is a great Instructor. I have learned a lot from him as far as technique and skill, which in turn has boosted my confidence in my physical and mental abilities. Master and his wife Grace, are very patient with their students and are able to train those on different levels simultaneously. They focus on students’ individual strengths as well as help with weakness. Overall, Fearless is a
great place to learn Martial Arts and build strength, discipline and technique”



“Fearless Taekwondo is a great resource to families in the area. They provide a positive environment that both parents and kids can grow closer as a family and gain confidence, respect and a valuable skill.
My daughter myself and several other families joined Fearless Taekwondo 5 years ago this May. It has been a wonderful experience. My daughter was shy, lacked self-confidence and lacked coordination. Five years later she has gained great self-confidence, learned to respect her parents and others and has improved tremendously in her physical condition. She has learned to persevere to accomplish hard things. This will prove to be a tremendous life skill. We
also have grown close as a father and daughter through working hard together to accomplish a goal”.


Brittney- Cerritos

From our first day at Fearless we were made to feel at home and welcome at the dojang. The classes taught our son a host of skills including self-control, respect, self-defense, balance, coordination and focus. Fearless is a very diverse family and is all inclusive. We are happy to represent and share our love for The Seguel family and Fearless Taekwondo. They bring a positive, productive, professional and fun atmosphere to every class. Our son will earn his black belt this year and continue to train, laugh and learn at Fearless Taekwondo for years to come.We travel all the way from Cerritos 2 to 3 times a week because Fearless is more than just a dojang, it is about family”




"Master Seguel's skill, enthusiasm, and commitment to his students..."



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